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We’ve all seen the movies where the dealer hands over another card and the protagonist hits a cool 21 and the crowd goes wild. Obviously, this is just what happens in movies, but there’s nothing stopping you from winning just as much as the best players do in online blackjack. Many casino games online are a little different, but blackjack is one that remains true to players whether it’s played at a real casino or online.

The interesting thing about blackjack is that the game is so universal across the board. Whether players are from Australia or anywhere else in the world, most people know that blackjack is the game of 21. We all know there are different kinds of blackjack games though, many of which can be just as entertaining as the original. Here, players will get to learn all about blackjack and what makes it one of the greatest casino games on earth.

The Best Online Casino to Play Blackjack in Australia

It’s never easy to find the best online casino to play blackjack. It’s not just something that you are struggling with and nobody else has ever encountered, it’s actually really stressful for a lot of online casino players who are looking for the best places to play blackjack. There are so many sites out there today, sites that offer blackjack online, live blackjack, free blackjack, and everything else in between. How do you know where you should look?

At Australian Online Casino, our team of experts has put together the best and most reliable places to play casino games online, including blackjack online, as well as many other blackjack games that players might be looking for. The sites that we list are known around the world and we list them as the best places to play because they offer bonuses, plenty of games, a large number of payment and banking options, and even 24/7 customer support.

We don’t just pick the casino that’s closest to us or the ones that have the best-looking websites. Our team does a deep dive into the site to find out what makes it tick and how it would benefit all the new players coming to pay them a visit. This includes finding the best games, a bonus that works for your bankroll, a way to safely deposit real money and keep your gambling going.

Is It Safe to Play Blackjack Online?

Is it safe to pay your bills online? Is it safe to pay your taxes online? These are the right questions to ask. The real answer is yes but can also be no! The reason we say it will be safe is if you choose one of the top casinos that we list that tend to offer blackjack games. Of course, you can do your own research too and find a casino that you know and love, but the only problem with that is that you’ll start a number of hours or days after where you would have started if you just trusted our list.

Many online casinos out there that may not have licensing and may not use reputable software providers could be out there to steal your personal information or your banking information. As long as you’re sticking to online casinos that are listed as the best, there should be no harm in playing there, and players can be safe as houses! The games that appear at casino sites will be the top games to bet on when it comes to cards.

How to Enhance Your Online Experience at the Blackjack Table While Playing Live Blackjack

Players will be happy to know that blackjack online in terms of the game is very similar to how it is at a live casino. Players will place their bets, receive their cards, and then go in order to hit or stand, and sometimes split, double down, and surrender. Anyone who plays at the casino can play multiple tables at once and can keep their mind busy with playing the right way.

The prospect of playing live blackjack is real. This is the type of blackjack where a player will virtually take a seat at a table in front of a real dealer who is standing behind a blackjack table. They’ll be in front of a camera ready to make the calls, mention the cards, and hand you your winnings. This puts players into a real casino atmosphere by having a live person do it right in front of your eyes. It’ll make the wins that much better as you’re able to talk to the dealers and fellow players.

We’re not just about finding the right casinos. Our team of experts also offer guides on how to play blackjack. Players will be able to learn all the blackjack rules as well as tips, tricks, and a number of helpful hints for players to make the absolute most of their real money. Players should make sure that when they bet on live dealer games, their hand plays into the gambling strategy they have entered the game with. Double down on your bets at the top live casino casinos. Make your next hand a winning one, place bets on your cards and bring down the house!

Is There a Free to Try Blackjack Game Option?

Free blackjack is most certainly something that a lot of online casino goers will look for. While playing real money blackjack is by far one of the most exhilarating things that a player can do, being able to get to that stage by learning and understanding how the game works is made easier with free blackjack.

Players can take to the table with the exact same RNG that they’d have in a real money online casino but be able to practice betting strategies and game plan scenarios. Knowing when to hit and when to stand are the most important parts of blackjack, ones that can be made easier with a little ‘cheat sheet’, but of course, should be practised first.

It’s important to note that free blackjack and blackjack online for real money are almost entirely the same with the only difference being that you’re not playing for real money. At a trusted online casino a free blackjack game should be performing in the same way as the other games, so there’s very little difference between them.

Some online casino games will allow a player to use a bonus. This bonus when applied to gambling sites could give players a way to play double their usual bankroll. There are many bonuses, and some only apply to live dealer games too.

How to Maximize Your Winnings at Blackjack Games

Any player who has managed to make some extra play money in free blackjack should have a good shot at making winnings where real money blackjack is concerned. This is only true if players have learned and understood how the game works and are able to employ some form of blackjack strategy in the mix.

Anyone looking to find some tips and tricks about blackjack should check out our blackjack strategy page where you’ll get to learn the fundamental basics of the game, as well as some rules that you should always follow. For example, if you’ve got a total of 12 and the dealer is showing 16, it makes sense to stand. Going against the gut feel here, the dealer has the best chance to bust with 16 because they are forced to draw, but anything over a 6 will bust them.

This is just one instance where players should stand based on the statistics rather than what appears to be correct. In most cases, players who get 12 will be more inclined to hit but understanding the game in full can give you distinct advantages.

What are the Alternatives to Blackjack Online in Australia

When it comes to blackjack online, being able to play blackjack at an actual blackjack table is great. There’s really no substitute for it. There’s not many card games that can give you the same feeling when the best hand comes up for you, you know what cards are out there, you’ve also made a big deposit, claiming a bonus, and are waiting to bring down the house and win big!

But if a player ever does realize that perhaps blackjack may not be the right game for them, or maybe they just want to have a quick break from blackjack online, then there are quite a few alternatives that players can explore at some of the same trustworthy online casino sites that we recommend.

Baccarat Online

Anyone who enjoys a good guessing game might find that baccarat is one of the good ones to play online. It’s not exactly just a guessing game but can be a lot of fun when the basic rules are understood. Players will need to choose between the banker and the player and bet on one of them to make some money. It’s a great table game to play and can be a lot of fun, especially when you understand the third card rule and what it entails!

Online Roulette

With roulette, players are tasks to figure out which number the ball will land on in the wheel and bet on it, making a large amount of money. The most popular bets are usually betting on either red or black, and odds or evens, but a lot of players make a fair amount of real money by betting on multiple numbers. The roulette wheel will spin on the table and the ball will be put into the wheel, wherever it stops will be the winning number! Online roulette can be a large amount of fun, especially when played with friends. There are plenty of variations on the game too to keep players entertained.

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